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Emeth Chambers is a legal firm registered and practicing in Barbados with associate offices in 30 countries around the globe.  We practice the following types of law:

 Intellectual Property- registration and renewal of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, PCT applications, copyright, book publications and product development. These services are available in 30 countries due to our network team of associate offices around the globe.

Corporate & Commercial Law- registration of local, external and IBC companies; Charities & Non-Profit organisations. 

Real Estate, conveyances, mortgages,

As is the case with most law firms in Barbados, we are general practitioners and also practice civil law, litigation, family law, personal injuries, estates, wills, contract law and others.


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Emeth Chambers is the host of the Inspire Mentorship Programme. This intensive programme held in the summer of each year is a charitable project geared towards persons desirous of becoming lawyers. The programme has had 4 graduating classes. To read more about this programme click here.

Our office does not hold fast to the cold, hard formal atmospheres of most other law firms, but instead offers a more relaxed, comfortable, face to face environment for both staff and clients. Our staff are friendly, courteous and most of all very honest.

We believe that service is simply offering of our best to clients. We are aware that handling your matters is not just doing legal work, but engaging and managing a part of your life. As a result, it is our intention to ensure that matters are completed as smoothly as possible and scars of the legal fraternity are not left in  your minds.

Because we acknowledge that persons do not always have the time to visit our office, we facilitate online and telephone consultations in addition to credit card payments. This is especially great for persons who reside overseas and do not wish to spend hours in a bank sending wire transfers.

As we want to give you an opportunity to practice frugal financial management, we offer payment plan options to persons who cannot remit full payment for matters.

At Emeth Chambers, first our staff, then our clients matter most. It is our pleasure to be a hallmark of truth, stability and excellence.


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