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Why Emeth? 


The word 'emeth' has a hebrew origin meaning truth. Due to the reputation of many companies as sometimes being the total opposite to this meaning, we felt it fit to describe our company as being accountable to the true meaning of the word.


The tree which is seen in our logo, and which has been with us for 15 yrs, is an African baob tree. This tree has a tremendously huge trunk, with great capacity for holding water. Its roots however grow deep into the ground tapping its own water resources. As a result is not shaken nor inflicted by the exterior conditions in which it lives, hence its ability to reside in the hottest conditions in Africa. This tree represents the resiliance which we believe our company possesses to overcome any challenge which may come its way. It is further representative of our being founded in God who is our source.




  • Exposure of the truth
  • Accountability to Clients
  • Transparency
  • Customer Privacy
  • Client involvement
  • Unparalled service


Contact us:

Emeth Chambers

One Welches


St.Thomas BB22025 

Barbados. W.I.


Tel: (246) 421-1LAW (529)

Tel: (246) 228-8187

International Tel: +347-430-5750   (Magicjack)

Fax: (246) 228-4497




Administrative Office: info@emethchambers.com

Communications Assistant: communications@emethchambers.com

Legal Assistant: tyarde@emethchambers.com

Accounts Assistant: info@emethchambers.com

Inspire Programme: inspire@emethchambers.com




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