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In the years 2005 to 2007, conferences were held at Sherbourne Conference Centre, Barbados Hilton Hotel and D.C Manor Lodge Complex on the topics: Ecommerce-Transforming The Way We Do Business"; "The logistics & Benefits of Incorporating a Company"; and "Inspire!".

These conferences were well attended by delegates from Bermuda, Canada, Jamaica and other members of the region. Government ministers and officials, department heads, banks and other financial institutions were also high in attendance.

Our next major conference is scheduled for October 2010 and will feature topics on Intellectual Property with a primary focus on patents. Dates and speakers for this conference will be released in June 2010.

As part of our previous conferences, our speakers addressed the following topics:

Ms. Julianna Thorpe-Taitt, Forensic Accountant-."Security Issues: Examining the Legal & Regulatory  Framework for eCommerce" . This sesson indicated the ways in which fraud and money laundering may occur in an ecommerce environment;

-Mr. Bayo Odutola, Ecommerce Professor and Attorney-at-Law from Ottawa, Canada -Protecting Intellectual Property in an eCommerce Environment;

-Senator Lynette Eastmond, Minister of Commerce for the Government of Barbados presented on The Role of CSME: An Outlook on Regional eCommerce”-

-Ms. Nancy Volesky, Director of Ecommerce for the Government of Bermuda-Small Island, Global Reach: Developing a legislative framework for doing electronic business around the world”. This topic highlighted the paths which Bermuda had taken and are still taking as one of the world's premier commerce nations.

-Ms. Teri Townsend, Vice President of Corporate Strategy-Information Systems & Technology, Sagicor Life Inc. was chair of our ecommerce conference and presented on Ecommerce as a way forward for Caribbean Small Businesses.

-Ms. Gayle Ifill, Tax Attorney of Ernst & Young "Taxation: The logisitics of operating a company: What you need to know."

-Mr. Dave Waithe, Corporate Counsel, Waithe consulting  - "Consumer Protection Online"

Mr. Brian Linton, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Garnet I&C Technologies Inc.-Online presentation, "incorporating ecommerce software to your website" This presented our audience with a live online presentation on how to incorporate software and programmes onto websites to faciliate ecommerce activity.

Mr. Allan Manning, Senior Merchant-Bank of Butterfield (Barbados) Ltd.- "Ecommerce in the Banking Environment"


Mr. Nigel King, Chartered Account, Business Development Consultant- "Accounting: The logistics of operating a company, what you need to know":


Mr. Barton King, Chartered Accountant, Software Programmer- "Technology:The Logistics of operating a company, what you need to know"


Mr. David Rowe, Managing Director, Allied Insurance Brokers Ltd- "Managing a Small Business, what you need to know"


Mrs. Suzanne M. Barker-Small-"Re-engineering for E-business: where are we now; where do we go from here?"



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