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Online Consultations

Ever wished that you can speak to an Attorney from the comfort of your home or office? Now you can!

With just the click of a mouse you can enter your request for an online consultation, pay the prescribed fee and have the full attention of a legal mind, while you type or talk away.

1. To begin the process you must email our office at info@emethchambers.com (type "online consultation request" in the subject box) or telephone our office to arrange a date and time.

2. Pay our BDS$176.25 or US$89.00 consultation fee via credit card payment by filling out the credit card authorization form which will be emailed to you. You will be advised of the transaction success via return email. This entitles you to an hour long consultation.

3. Once your payment has been processed, our office will forward log in instructions to you and activate the consultation for the time purchased. You may be required to download a small application in order that our high speed, secure and clear connection can operate with your system. Should you live in the U.S. or Canada and which to have a telephone consultation, you may advise and we will make arrangements to telephone you. For other countries, we will require you to have Skype downloaded to your system.  

That's it!

Should you experience any problems activating your consultation please send an email message to our admin office at info@emethchambers.com or telephone  +246-421-1LAW (529) and we will be pleased to assist.

Thank you once again for choosing Emeth Chambers.



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