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   Inspire: Aspiring Lawyers Mentorship Programme-Guidelines
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Inspire: Guidelines




It is a reality that one's ability to regurgitate information is more highly rewarded than the ability to be entirely creative in reason and analysis, bold in the making of presentations and the like. Such is left only to those who are genetically or socially gifted in this realm. Thus unless persons are being monitored or awarded they lack discipline, self-motivation, confidence, the ability to be proactive, assertive, work without supervision or ask questions without having first rehearsed same in their minds several times and further do the very least of what is required of them at any time. These attitudinal habits in addition to exhibits of low self-esteem, drive and morale to truly aspire towards their dreams leads to believing that to be an Attorney-at-Law is way beyond their reach. This programme is destined to reverse these trends and prove that the dream is indeed attainable.


The programme further intends to "fan to flame" dreams of persons who have already determined their career fate to be an Attorney-at-Law. It therefore caters not only to those who have not yet begun this path, but to those already pursuing a legal degree or certificate.


“Inspire” seeks to create individuals who are self-assured, confident, articulate, bold, team-oriented, excellent business managers, rounded, well-travelled, intelligent, knowledgeable, proactive,  exemplary in conduct and etiquette, goal-oriented and possess the ability to accurately reason and analyse thought processes.


In this regard, “Inspire” does not encourage regurgitation of study and/or reason, but creates a forum where each person is responsible for his/her own development and/or success as is the case in the globalised world of work and higher learning.  It may appear that the rules surrounding the programme are drastic, and radically opposite to the norm. This is defended by the fact, that complaints against attorneys-at-Law usually are affiliated with their inability to be disciplined and apply themselves conscientiously to their work and to exhibit the integrity that is required of the field.



  • Each mentee is soley responsible for his/her success in the programme.


Age requirement


  • Mentees may be 12yrs or older. The administrator may by special request permit a child under 12yrs to be a mentee provided that his/her parent or guardian agrees to accompany the child at all sessions. Registration forms for persons under 18yrs must include his/her parent’s or guardian’s signed consent. There is no age limit for adults.



  • Information will be available online, at our office and via telephone. The Administrator will not be held responsible for providing information in a means other than as stated, but must do so in a timely manner.


  • In cases of emergency cancellations of sessions, changes of events or prior notices given in error, the administrator is required to contact and inform mentees.



  • Though assigned Mentors, mentees will only be guided through the programme and given advice where necessary. 



  • Assignments are due on the dates specified and will not be accepted thereafter.


  • Sessions begin and end on time.



  • Persons will not be considered to be mentees unless and until the registration fee is paid.


  • Payments may be made at the company’s office.



  • “Inspire” does not foster a competitive spirit and as such degrading comments made towards and/or about others is forbidden.


  • Mentees must be dressed appropriately and as required for each session and in all cases modestly.


  • It is expected that behaviour becoming of future Attorneys-at-Law will be exhibited at all times.


  • “Inspire” requires only that persons aspire towards their personal best in seeking to attain the title of an Attorney-at-Law and as a result give their utmost effort in the programme.



Inspire guarantees:

  • The provision of high-quality teaching and mentorship.


  • The preparation of references for mentees when requested.


  • An annual award ceremony for mentees who have reached some milestone towards becoming an Attorney-at-Law.



  • A register will be taken at each session. 98% attendance is required in order to obtain a certificate.


  • Sessions will not be held at the same place or at the same time each week, but are held as shown on the schedule or as informed via telephone.


  • A Mentor may request a meeting with his/her group at an agreed time. Meetings must not be held without first receiving the administrator’s consent


  • Mentors are required to provide the administrator with copies of documents shared.


  • Mentees who have missed meetings are responsible for obtaining information.


  • A Mentee may remain in the programme until his/her dream of becoming an Attorney-at-Law comes to reality.


  • Mentees may opt out of the programme at any time, with notice having been given to the Administrator.
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