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 "Inspire" Aspiring Lawyers Mentorship Programme

Are you, your son or daughter, niece or nephew, friend or acquaintance desirous of becoming an Attorney-at-Law? If the answer is yes, this programme is the answer.

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The "Inspire" programme was birthed as an idea in 2001 and became a reality in 2005 commencing with 60 students of all ages. It has since been hosted in 2007 and from 2011 as a charitable mentor/mentee intensive with 12 secondary and tertiary level students in each year.


 The programme's aim is to provide prospective lawyers with practical introductions to the everyday administration of the law and to train them concerning personal development skills which will be required during their legal career. This aim is further assisted by mentors who provide counsel and moral support. Mentors may be attorneys-at-law, retirees or volunteers in varying fields. Over the past years we have been grateful to have mentors in the likes of Mr. Creig Kinch, Mr. Andrew Pilgrim, Ms. Donna Simmons, Ms. Paula Lett and Mr. Dave Waithe attorneys-at-law along with Mr. Brian Graham, Claire Barker, Andrez Barker and Lynmarie Jack as volunteers.


In addition to the every day practice of criminal, civil and family law, students will be introduced to the nuances of non-traditional types of law such as aviation, marine, environmental, civil litigation, tax, oil, banking, commercial and intellectual property law.  


Inspire mentees are exposed to:


Seminars, workshops and conferences as to the types of law, conduct, etiquette (dining, work and court), business management, work ethics, motivational speeches and the like;


Attendance at a formal Dinner/Lunch;


Tours to the Law Courts, Legal Firms, Government Offices & Departments, Police Stations, Corporate Offices, Fair Trading Commission and more.


Interviews of Judges, Magistrates, Directors, Chief and Commissioners


Travel to legal firms and legal places of interest in other jurisdictions; (optional)


Participation in mock trials, rebuttals, individual oral presentations, debating and other activities designed to enhance advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution skills;


Attendance at team-training oriented outdoor activities;


 Activities geared towards giving to socially challenged persons;


Research of legal matters;


 Academic guidance for admittance to law faculties; and


Participation in activities geared towards concentration, focus and retention of information.


Graduates of the programme are better able to merge the theoretical element of the law taught in tertiary institutions with the practical experiences obtained from the programme. Evidence of this is seen in our students who are at the top of their classes at the Barbados Community College, University of The West Indies and the Hugh Wooding and Norman Manley law schools. Registrants may remain a member of the programme until their dream becomes a reality.


 To register forward an email to info@emethchambers.com or inspire@emethchambers.com and one of our office representatives will contact you. School guidance counsellors may obtain registration forms from this site and duplicate. Law Students at the U.W.I and Hugh Wooding Law Schools are free to register.


 To register click here

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