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   Barbados: A place to live, work & do business
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Barbados: a great place to live, work & do business

Barbados is not only beautiful with white sandy beaches, great people and easy-going, but it's an excellent place to do business.

Several companies redomicile to Barbados or incorporate as IBC companies each year in search of opportunities to benefit from the several double taxation treaties of which Barbados is a signatory.

Retired persons also come to our shores to retire happily, having invested in a business, and live in one of our villas, condos or upscale properties. Some persons also come to live a humble, simple life amongst a diverse community of people.

See opportunities to explore Barbados at http://www.barbados.org

Search for real estate or an investment opportunity at http://www.cariblist.com

Read about our double taxation treaties on the following sites:



Corporation taxes


Corporation Tax Return


Choose a conference facility

Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre- http://bcslbarbados.com/

Hilton Barbados - http://www.hiltoncaribbean.com/index.php?destination=barbados

Hotels & Accommodation

Coming to visit our office and need a hotel? The hotels listed are next door to our office or within 5 mins driving.

next door:  

Savannah Hotel -http://barbados.org/hotels/gems/savannah/h107his.htm

Amaryllis Hotel -http://www.amaryllisbeachresort.com/

Within 5 mins:

Hilton Hotel- http://www.hiltoncaribbean.com/index.php?destination=barbados

Grand Barbados Hotel-http://www.barbados.org/hotels/grandbarbados/

Island Inn Hotel- http://www.islandinnbarbados.com/

South Beach Hotel-http://www.southbeachbarbados.com/

Blue Horizon Hotel-       http://www.resortvacationstogo.com/Hotel/Blue_Horizon.html?source=msnadc

Pommarine Hotel- http://www.pommarinebarbados.com/inpom.asp 

Bougainvillea Beach Resort - http://www.bougainvillearesort.com/

St. Lawrence Gap Group of Hotels- http://www.all-hotels.com/caribbean/barbados/st._lawrence_gap_1.htm

There are several more on the south and west coasts of the island which are all excellent.

I'm sure you'll be tempted to choose Barbados as your ideal place to live, work & do business.


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