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If you wish to study law, you must first seek out a university where you can obtain a LLB or Bachelor of Laws Degree. This should be obtained from The University of the West Indies or a University in England, as the laws are similar to those found in Barbados.

To obtain an LLB:

University of the West Indies- Barbados


University of Edinburgh-England


University of Oxford -Law School



After obtaining an LLB you will be required to obtain a Legal Education Certificate, which will allow you the honour to apply to practice in any Caribbean Country. To practice elsewhere your certification will be honoured but you will be required to sit a Bar examination, unless their rules otherwise state.

To obtain a LEC:

Hugh Wooding Law School- Trinidad


Norman Manley Law School-Jamaica


Eugene Dupuch Law School-Bahamas


The Government of Barbados remits payment of tuition fees for Barbadian nationals to the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and The Hugh Wooding Law School. You will be required to seek out your own accommodation in Trinidad, as the Law School does not have student accommodation.

If you are due to attend Law School in Trinidad and are seeking accommodation, please send us an email at info@emethchambers.com and we will be pleased to assist.

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